Cool Breeze ft. Outkast, Goodie Mob - Watch for the Hook

Interscope (1999)

Producer: Organized Noize

Binary Star ft. Elzhi, Malaki, J.U.I.C.E., Texture, O-Type, Lacks - The KGB

Subterraneous (2000)

Producer: OneManArmy


Big Boi Interview w/ The Montreality

In this interview, Big Boi of OutKast speaks about his upcoming album Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, the last time he spoke to Andre 3000, the making of Jazzy Belle, his first big paycheck at 17 years old, his passion for literature and more. – TheMontreality

Outkast - Player’s Ball

Arista (1994)

Producer: Organized Noize


Jay Dee Bakery


Jay Dee Bakery

(Source: soulblunted)

The Game ft. Eazy-E - Still Cruisin’

M.E.D. ft. Hodgy Beats - Outta Control

Stones Throw (2012)

Producer: Madlib